default Reloading Rifle ammunition step by step.

Reloading Rifle ammunition step by step. This is new brass being loaded. If you are reloading fired brass extra steps will be needed and will vary. Be sure to check your reloading manuals for proper Reloading. This is not an exact way to reload, your steps and methods may vary. I generally do a slower and more methodical method to insure the highest consistency for competitions. but it pays off in the end. In this video I am reloading for a 22-250 Remington round. LOAD DATA: -55 Grain Berger Varmint bullet -Winchester Brass -Federal Match Primers -Varget Powder-33.0 gr Charge CL= 1.902” OAL= 2.370” ( I seat my bullets slightly longer than SAAMI specs. for proper fit tailored to my rifle) check your reloading manuals for all specs before loading! Rifle used is a Remington Mod. 700. 26” barrel 1-14” Twist. Bausch & Lomb optics. hand loads are capable of achieving 1 hole – half inch groups at 100 yards depending on the day… Lastly I shoot Berger Bullets and only Berger bullets now. They give me superb performance in hunting and target shooting applications. They are the king of the crop and surpass even Sierra’s bullets IMO. I shoot 1000 yard matches with berger bullets with my .308 and 7mm Rem Mag. Can’t beat them! Music: Hank III-Country Heroes/ All that Remains-2 weeks